Know My Faith have done a few video podcasts with Church and Christian Organisation leaders in Hawkes Bay.
Check out their website at: https://knowmyfaith.net/

Why Should We Stand With Israel and The Jewish People?

Nigel Woodley has been Senior Pastor at the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship  for nearly 40 years. Nigel has a heart for Israel and is heavily involved in the return of the Jewish people to their homeland as the chairman of Ebenezer New Zealand (http://www.operation-exodus.org/). He has wrote the book Holocaust Exposed: The Bible Enigma to give a biblical account of the Jewish tragedy.

Getting Down To The Nitty Gritty of Christianity

On this Know My Faith Monday Podcast Matt Johnston from Riverbend Bible Church and Phil Henderson from Onekawa Bible Church in Hawkes Bay talk about why we all need to dig into our bibles to get to know God better.

The Great 'Suggestion'

For some reason a lot of Christians seem to consider the Great Commission optional. OAC ministries (www.oac.org.nz) National Director, Jeremy Dempsey, talks to us about some of the reasons why and give us some options for overcoming our reluctance to share our faith.

The Vital Importance of Knowing God's Character

Andrew Young is assistant pastor at Riverbend Bible Church and oversees the Gracebooks NZ (https://www.gracebooks.co.nz) Christian book shop. Andrew talks to Rob about his upbringing in a Christian home, some of the books he has recently enjoyed reading and the vital importance of knowing God’s character.

Haggai - Get Your Priorities Right

At Know My Faith, we believe that spiritual maturity comes from a better knowledge of the scriptures in their historical and cultural context. Along those lines, Matthew Johnston from Riverbend Bible Church in Hastings (https://riverbend.org.nz) joined me recently to look deeper into the little book of Haggai. (As it is only 38 verses long, it might be an idea to read the entire Book before you watch the video.

We Don't Have An Embassy There?

On this Know My Faith podcast Rob talks with Pastor Nigel Woodley from For The Protection Of Zion (https://fortheprotectionofzion.com) about Christian Zionism What is it? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Why should I be involved? And we discuss Nigel’s petition before the New Zealand government to establish a New Zealand embassy in Israel.